Hamrah Mechanic

Hamrah Mechanic

Hamrah Mechanic

the first Mobile Car Services Company in Iran.

Hamrah mechanic was founded in 2013 to help solve the problem of uncertainty in the used car market.

Open Positions

Service Manager
Full Time – Iran, Tehran

Vehicle Inspector
Full Time – Iran, Tehran

Phone Sales Specialist
Full Time – Iran, Tehran

Sales Director
Full Time – Iran, Tehran

Car Pricing Manager
Full Time – Iran, Tehran

Benefit Description

Supplemental insurance coverage for respected personnel and their families to use free health care

Special discounted lunch ordering facilities via nahartime app

Sports facilities include pool tickets, Stadium, and Free sports services

Possibility of career promotion

Bonuses and gifts

The intimate and friendly work environment

Company Introduction

We have different services such as car Inspection, car Maintenance, Pricing, Market Analysis, ….

Our services:

Car Inspection

• Full mechanical inspection of major areas

• Full structural inspection of major areas

• Full underbody check

• A full interior check

• Road-test

• Up to 290 checks per car

• same-day summary report, full report within 24 hours

You can find our inspection reports at https://www.hamrah-mechanic.com/car-inspection/reports

Car Pricing

There are many factors that affect the price of cars and only experts can identify the exact price of a vehicle with respect to these factors. To get the exact price of used cars you can use this page. We have calculated all the factors affecting the price of the used cars. Prices are updated regularly.


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