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COO (Chief Operating Officer)


The Chief Operating Officer (COO) oversees the organization's ongoing operations and procedures. This person is the organization’s second-in-command and responsible for the efficiency of business and development of referral source relationships. The COO is a key member of the senior management team, reporting only to the Chief Executive Officer. The goal of the position is to secure the functionality of business to drive extensive and sustainable growth.

  • Supervising all daily operations of the company, including Technical, Creatives, Customer Support and Sales
  • Supervising all daily operations of the company, including Technical, Creatives, Customer Support and Sales
  • Working closely with the Chief Executive Officer on all matters related to the business
  • Performing employee reviews and developing corrective action plans if needed
  • Developing and implementing strategies, procedures and business plans needed to 
  • enhance company growth
  • Working with the Executive Team to set company performance goals
  • Cultivating and providing opportunities for rising talent within the organization
  • Bachelor's degree in business, operation or related area, MBA is a plus
  • 6+ years of work experience in Operation management, Strategy Consulting or equivalent
  • The strong analytical and data-driven approach toward decision-making process using (Excel, SQL, PBI)
  • Strong understanding and structure quickly complex issues
  • Capable of digest, combine and perform high-level strategic perspectives with operational common sense
  • Proactive, organized, focused, and ability to ruthlessly prioritize with a strong sense of accountability and ownership
  • You have the ability to build relationships with stakeholders

Will We Be A Good Fit?

We know that entrepreneurs are suffering from all the complexity and confusion when it comes to growing your business online. We have created a coaching service to help 10 million creative entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses by taking care of their marketing technology, so they can focus on growing their business. Giving back 10 hours a week, avoiding costly downtime from outdated and broken system and allowing them to reach their goals stress free. That is what we are born to do.

Here in, we are looking for candidates with amazing talent and expertise. We are looking for an experienced Chief Operating Officer or COO to oversee our organization’s ongoing operations and procedures. You will be the company’s second-in-command and responsible for the efficiency of business.

The COO role is a key member of the Executive team, reporting only to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). You’ll have to maintain control of diverse business operations, so we expect you to be an experienced and efficient leader. If you also have excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethics, we’d like to meet you.

Application Process:

  • Initial application. If you’re seeing this job description then you’re at this step. Please fill out the rest of the application to be considered for this position.
  • Graded Assessment. If your application is approved, you will receive an assessment to work on. Everything you complete for the assessment will be graded. Please complete it within the designated due date. If you cannot meet the deadline or have any questions, reach out to us.
  • Interviews. If you’ve passed your assessment, we will reach out for video interviews. 

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