Sales Representative

  • The Sales Development Representative is responsible for executing on the company’s business growth vision within a designated territory. Results, progress, targets, and growth will be tracked in a corporate web-based CRM system. Access will be given to databases and resources for lead generation.
  • This position includes an excellent, lucrative commission plan in addition to the base salary. With proven success and demonstrated leadership, comes the opportunity for career advancement within a growing company.

  • Work within the sales organization “hunting” and prospecting, identifying, qualifying, and developing strategies to win multi-million dollar, multi-product opportunities utilizing the sales process
  • Developing and managing sales related projects
  • Cold-Calling, Cold-Emailing and assuring prospects attend meetings


  •  Hourly base pay of $17/hr.
  •  Incentive comp pay of $150 per Sales Qualified Lead.
  •  Incentive comp is based on opportunities created, defined as 1st meeting held and 2nd meeting held or sales proposal sent by account exec (AE). The AE must accept the lead as a “Sales Qualified Lead”.

  • Must have own computer and broadband internet connection.
  • Experience selling to large corporations and presenting to individuals at all levels preferred (ex. operations, finance, marketing, HR, legal, IT, C-levels)
  • Solution-oriented, consultative sales approach
  • Provides a "faster ramp up" period and access to resources
  • Complete understanding of the sales process
  • Superior communication and negotiation skills
  • Superb presentation skills (PowerPoint and software demonstrations)
  • Comfortable clearly and eloquently presenting solutions to executive levels and corporate officers
  • Strong leadership capabilities to take on additional leadership roles and activities
  • Capable of generating and sharing breakthrough ideas
  • Ability to write professional emails
  • Proactive, forward looking, and able to maintain a long-term, big-picture view
  • Able to plan for changes, obstacles, and external forces
  • Must be a team player

Seniority Level
United States, California
Employment Type
Full Time
Education Level
Bachelor's Degree